Red Pashmina Full Zari Work Shawl with Peacock Motif

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                               Length- 80 inches approx.

                               Width  -28 inches approx.


    The Kashmiri shawl is the most cherished acquisition of a lady and is believed to be indigenous wear to Kashmiris. Kani shawl technically categorized into two main types --- the loom-woven kani shawl and needle embroidered sozini shawl. The word ‘Kani’ refers to wooden bobblins or small sticks used as a spoon to weave the famous Kani shawls.

    It is to be noted that shawls are woven into intricate patterns with the weft thrown across before coloured threads are woven in on a meticulous, coded pattern drawn by a master craftsman. It is woven with pure pashmina yarn in a natural, almond-coloured base or in cream with multicoloured floral patterns, creating a striking offset. Coloured Kanis are woven too, in hues such as red, blue, green and ochre. Kani is the softer version of Jamawar.

    Also, it is widely known as a jamawar. The kings and courtiers are supposed to have bought this by the yard (war) and wore it as a gown or robe (jama). Thus, such a shawl is in a class by itself and possesses an extremely fine texture. The pashmina is made from the wool obtained from pashmina goat, known locally as Lena Rama. Created with a mix of silk and viscose. Kani shawl is one of the softest and most loved material. This Kashmiri handloom shawl is made with vibrant colours that stands out!

    Fabric -Silk with viscose. Natural and undyed. This material is softer and upto 8 times warmer than sheep’s wool.

    As Kani shawl will usually incorporate a large number of colors the weft threads on a kani shawl are carried along as floats on the back side of the shawl and are only woven in when their colors are required. When the weaving is finished, the float threads are cut away by hand. This hand cutting is a time consuming process delicate one and adds to a shawl’s cost.

    Care Instructions:  Dry Clean only

    Length- 80 inches approx. Width -28 inches approx.

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