Vintage Sindh Soof Kutch Hand embroidered boho Banjara Shawl IS

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                                                            Length- 76  inches approx.
                                                            Width -  30.5 inches approx.


    Soof embroidery is done by the Sodha, Rajput and Meghwal communities of Kutchh. The designs by them are largely geometric patterns developed using satin stitch from reverse side of the fabric. Keen eyesight, knowledge of mathematics and geometry are a must to produce Soof work. Soof motifs include rhythmic patterns from lives of artisans like peacocks, mandalas, etc. and are used to create articles like garments, bedspreads, wall hangings, quilts, torans, cradle cloths, animal trappings and cushion covers…
    Indeed, when creations reflect essence of cultures and colors of life, it is bound to create magic – thanks to the tribes of Kutch.

    Soof Embroidery is probably the best kind of art amongst Gujarat's long-standing tradition of embroidery of distinct styles, and is characterised by vibrant colours and mirror work. Soof is done with the surface satin stitch from the reverse side of the fabric. The embroidery is worked by the careful counting of warp and weft threads, without the pattern being drawn on the fabric. As no paper patterns or reference books are used, the embroiderer (mostly women) needs skill and imagination to guide the embroidery. They mentally picture the motifs and composition, then count the pattern or motifs out, and works the embroidery from the reverse of the fabric. Embroiderers prefer working on an evenly-woven cotton fabric as it aids in the counting of threads.

    Size Length- 76 inches approx. Width - 30.5 inches approx.

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