Nihal's Women Empowerment

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About Artisans of Vintage by Nihal (NIHAL TEXTILES)

More than 60% of our artisan owners are women from rural villages of India.

Our endeavour is to provide these women with the opportunity to improve their craft supplement their income and work in equal and dignified conditions.
Currently, we are working with women artisans from villages in Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir, Manipur and Uttar Pradesh. Many widow women like Jasoda Devi with our Grandmother Chhain Kaur, who came from Sindh province of Pakistan, have the only skill that was special kind of embroideries like Kashida, a special kind of embroidery that includes various styles such as Kachha pakka, taanka bharat, soof,  kambiri, kharak, kachcha and sindhi, swat valley.

 Women artisan’s involvement in Kashida work helps them to remain in their villages, rather than migrating to the cities.

Most of the work is done in homes and not under controlled conditions. Their own homes are their workplace and they earn with dignity. Capacity building trainings, regular interaction with designers and buyers enables them to see the world in a wider perspective.

We don’t see our artisans simply as suppliers. We see them as individuals with enormous potential to not only execute their craft but also to take leadership and manage the production process.
We train artisans in management, finances, and quality assurance to make sure each one has the opportunity to learn and grow.


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