Vintage Wall hanging Cotton Gujrati textile, Home Decor Art MD

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                   Length- 74.5 inches approx.
                    Width - 53.5 inches approx.

     Historically, it is said that Kutch embroidery was brought about by 'Kathi cattle breeders’. Eventually, these wanderers settled down and produced some fine needlework. The art form became a vocation for women of Kutch which became a generational art with the skills taught from mother to daughter. The signature effect of the colorful embroidery sparkles when small mirrors called abhle are sewn over the designs. A lot of the Kutch embroidery is influenced by various architectural designs and motifs. Gurarat, mid 20c.


    This textile can be used in many ways like runners and wall hangings to spruce up your decor. In addition to that, you can repurpose these textiles to make a range of objects like clothes, belts, yoga mats, cushions, bedcovers, purses, throws, bags, curtains.

    -These textiles are sensitive and recommended dry clean only.

    -Please note that these textiles might have slight blemishes, minor wear and tear in stitches due to their age.
    -The mirrors are genuine and not imitations and might have acquired scratches over a period of time.
    -The textile is 70-80 years old and has travelled for and wide, due to their nomadic creators.
    -The minor imperfections are the heart, soul, and history of these old and rare collectible textiles.
    -We are fortunate to be able to offer you a wide range of Indian handmade vintage textiles. This is hard work of Indian artisans for decades
    -The enterprise of reaching out to new regions beyond the locality will help to retain important traditional craft. Each textile we offer is a handmade vintage piece and one of its kinds.

    Image guide-
    There might have a 10% color discrepancy from the image however the same will not dampen the life of the product.

    Size Length- 74.5 inches approx. Width - 53.5 inches approx.

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