Vintage By Nihal, is a group of Indian artisans who source and upcycle vintage pieces from India and Pakistan. Each member has spent years in the garment industry, with a keen sense of embroidery and block-pattern styles.


There is story within each curated piece, a thread within the tapestry of a life prior. We honor our heritage by sourcing and preserving these pieces, and passing them forward to be cared for by the next individual.


Working as a collective has allowed us to support our community, and to ensure the next generation of artisans.

Our works have found homes in many parts of the globe, feel free to contact us with any enquiries.


All of us on this ship are extremely passionate and protective towards our culture and heritage and that we showcase through our business; in the materials and commodities that we sell. There is a short story to every item we present to you which will give you an insight to our culture and lifestyle. Our goal is to promote the beauty of our nation through the products that we sell and bring to you the best of what you need from all over India.